Workwear Outfit Inspiration: Shirt Dresses, Blazers, and Boots


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Dress- Alexander Wang, Blazer- Zara, Boots- Coach

Now that it’s January, and for many of us that means heading back to work, it’s time for more workwear inspired outfits. Start the year off right with a crisp shirtdress, a funky blazer, and chic new boots.

The shirtdress

There’s just something so fresh about a white shirt dress. Shirt dresses are very versatile because you can style them with cardigans, blazers, even a sweater; they make a perfect layering piece. They also go well with a multitude of shoes from pumps to boots. And with the high collar and buttons, you’ll definitely hit business casual straight on the nail.

I love wearing white in the winter, and I highly recommend you try incorporating something white into your outfits this January (maybe on days when you have minimum chances of spilling or getting rained on or doing something dirty). I just bought these jeans that I’ve styled I’ve already worn with a white furry vest, so if you’re looking to go bold, go white on white. Let me know if you want me to do a post on that. Or wearing two or more pieces of the same color in general.

I’ve found some awesome shirt dresses to incorporate into your wardrobe here, here, and here.


The Blazer

For this outfit, I’ve styled the dress with a checkered blazer. A classic black or a neutral would work just as well in completing this look, but I wanted a little something extra. I think the checkered pattern adds fun spin on a mostly basic outfit. Go for a pattern you’re going to love; stripes, checks, and florals are really good choices. Just make sure there’s not too much going on anywhere else.

workwear workwear

The Boots

And then there are these new Coach boots. I was so excited to get them over the holidays, and I truly plan on wearing them everywhere. They look amazing with a pair of jeans (especially these Agolde ones I just got- will have a post entirely devoted to these jeans later, they are that good), but also work just as well with skirts and dresses. You can actually get them in a few versions, like the brown or the pearl studded. I went with the classic black since I don’t really have a boot like this and wanted maximum use. I will say that they are a bit more pointed than what I thought they would be, but it’s actually growing on me.

You can get my exact pair here, or similar pairs here and here.

workwear workwear

This outfit was so easy to put together and still starts January off with a bang. To sum up, there are really only four pieces to this outfit; a shirt dress, a blazer, tights (you can get awesome affordable ones on Amazon), and boots. The color, pattern, and cut of the dress and the blazer can be varied to your needs, and longer boots will work just as well for this look as the short ones do.

workwear workwear

I want to show you guys that being fashionable can also be practical and applied to your everyday life, and will work on including styling ideas for all different types of occasions in my fashion posts.

Are you guys interested in fashion posts like this one? Let me know in the comments below!

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