Orange cardigan, blush flats


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Cardigan- Loft (similar options with several colors), Skirt- Zara, Shoes- 3.1. Phillip Lim, Sunglasses- Michael Kors (lots of options), Jewelry- Midori Linea

It hasn’t really felt much like May the last couple days, or even weeks, and I wanted to style an option that was still bright, fun, but more weather appropriate. I love a big pop of color, and though there might be such a thing as too much color, I really like the way the deep orange of the cardigan goes with the blush of the flats.

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Red dress, white sandals


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Dress- Zara, Sandals- Coach (on sale!), Cardigan- Old (similar here), 

Red is one of my favorite colors to wear basically all year round. It’s flattering and in many cases can pass as a neutral. This particular Zara dress has been a longtime go-to, and I’ve been able to style it many ways, but always love this minimalist, classically chic look.

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Red dress, scalloped jacket


Photography: Greg Beuning

 Wearing: Dress- Zara, Jacket- INC, Boots- Via Spiga

Happy Monday!

I love red, and this Zara dress does not disappoint! Red is a universally flattering color and adds fun to a look without going overboard. I also think it’s a great color for those who are not big on patterns and prints, as this is definitely not boring, but again, also not too much. Continue reading

Shades of Blue


Photography: Greg Beuning

 Wearing- Top- Elle, Cardigan- Cynthia Rowley, Skirt- Zara, Boots- Jessica Simpson Collection

 Sometimes I realize that I might be wearing too much black, and perhaps I should be infusing more color. The color I most gravitate to (besides black of course) is blue. It’s interesting really, because I don’t have any particular affinity to blue, I actually like red more when I’m trying to be bright, but I guess there’s something about blue that almost makes it a neutral. And that’s worth blogging about.

Blue is a great neutral color because it goes with everything. I mean pair it with black, brown, beige, a print, it’ll work. And it won’t look as predictable. For this outfit, I went with different shades of blue and a contrasting polka dot print blouse. I love the powder blue of this skirt, and it’s such an on trend piece. I got it at Zara, and I highly recommend them for affordable trendy pieces. It comes in a couple different colors as well. The cardigan and the boots are a darker shade of blue, and pull the whole look together. Velvet boots are having such a moment right now, and I am so glad that I have these in my shoe wardrobe. They elevate any look to a much more stylish level. I am crushing on this Rebecca Minkoff pair.

I’ve got a lot more outfit ideas in the works; stay tuned!


How easy separates can create a complete chic look


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- Loft, Pants- Free People, Blazer- Zara, Shoes- Topshop, Bag- vintage

I love a casual put together look. Going to run errands or out for a quick lunch or whatever it is that all of us busy people do should never be sloppy. But it shouldn’t be difficult either. This is why I am all about mix and matching some easy separates to create a totally polished breezy feel. And best of all, if you switch out the top or the shoes or even the jeans, viola!, you’ve got a brand new outfit!

I started with a base of my current favorite Free People jeans. They’re not exactly traditional, but I love having a pair of black jeans that isn’t like everyone else’s. These particular ones are high-rise and ripped at the knees. I’ve linked to a pair with fun mesh detailing here. With a high-rise pair I wouldn’t recommend going with a top that’s long or loose as this does nothing for your shape, but rather choose tops with a bit of peplum or a higher hem. This one is absolutely gorgeous, and this is a great basic.  I went with this super cute sheer white tank from Loft, with a soft flare (similar here). I topped it off with a checkered blazer from Zara. The most important part of this blazer is the fit. It hits in all the right spots. This is a great option and has really fun fray detailing. For shoes, I decided on loafers as this adds the polish and is nice contradiction to the jeans. These loafers invoke the classic Gucci, but are at a much better pricepoint.

It’s really great how all these pieces are affordable, and you really don’t need to break the bank to look good. For those casual days, most of your look is probably already in your closet! And there’s nothing better than taking a look around, shopping your wardrobe, and seeing something in a whole new light.

Happy MLK day! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I plan on getting a lot of work done, and maybe even fitting in a workout during the day.


Cropped Sweater and Jeans


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- Zara, Jeans- Current Elliott, Shoes- Gifted, Bag- Coach, Bracelet- Gifted

Having an array of casual early fall looks is essential for your September wardrobe, and I’ve styled an outfit with my favorite Current Elliott jeans to get the ideas flowing. As I mentioned in a previous post, these jeans have been a staple in my closet for quite some time now. I originally bought these at Century 21 about two years ago, and I thought they would be a fun seasonal piece, but here I am two years later, and I can’t wait to wear them with everything in my closet. The rips add tons of edge, without going too far over the line. Plus, they are such a great cut and quality, and the wash is a bit lighter, making them truly original.

This time around I paired them with a dark blue, cropped turtleneck sleeveless sweater. There are a lot of aspects to this top, so let me dissect. First, I absolutely love the color. Such a rich, dark blue with a bit of sparkle. Perfect for fall. Let’s move on to the cut. It’s sleeveless, and a little short, so there’s just a sliver of stomach. Even though it’s a turtleneck and cleavage is totally covered, that ab and shoulder exposure makes it such an effortlessly sexy look. Sometimes less is more, and the allure is definitely in the details here.

For shoes, I decided that my gold mules would work best. The gold compliments the dark blue of the sweater, and the weather totally calls for something with foot exposure. I’m really allowed to breathe and not get too hot, while still looking like I’m ready for fall. I think this is a great transitional outfit, for when it’s just too hot to layer sweaters and jackets, but season enough to wear a pair of jeans rather than shorts.

Greg and I had so much fun at the Georgetown Waterfront taking these shots. It was a beautiful clear day, and the views looking out to the Potomac River and the Kennedy Center were spectacular. I can’t wait to wear this look out to dinner with friends or a date on a cool night!



Accent Colors


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- INC International, Skirt- Zara, Shoes- Gifted, Blazer- Small boutique in NYC (don’t remember the name), Watch- Michael Kors

Let’s talk accent colors. Most of what we wear is black, or neutral, and rightly so. Black is one of the most flattering colors on the body, and makes just about anything look stylish and cool. But sometimes it we fall into the rut of only wearing black and never branching out into interesting territory. Believe me, there are some occasions where all black is very much necessary, but I think we can all agree adding just a little pop of color into our everyday looks will do us all some good, in the fashion department, but also our moods and outlooks. And what better place to add that color than a work outfit?

Office clothes do not have to be drab. In fact, they can be very fun! For this look, I started with a mid-length black pencil skirt. I played with textures here and am wearing one in faux leather. Next I added a blouse with horizontal stripes and blue detailing. On top I slipped on a blazer with a bright pink lapel. For shoes, I picked my new favorite, wear-everywhere, gold mules. I think the key thing to note is that no one color takes over another and the outfit as a whole doesn’t feel like a rainbow. It’s really just small accents of blue, pink, and gold (all colors that also flow well with each other), and that’s what makes it work. Black is still the central theme of the look, but with an added feature (color), it comes alive.

I wore this to my office a couple weeks ago. It’s a very simple outfit to put together, not needing many accessories. I’m a big fan of jewelry, but I think in this case each piece speaks loud enough for itself, from the textures to the colors to the cut. And don’t you just love when it’s so easy?


That Friday Feel


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- White House Black Market, Skirt- Loft, Blazer- Zara, Shoes- Coach, Necklace and Earrings- LouLou

I have a love hate relationship with Casual Friday. It can be such an excuse to look blah, but on the other hand it can be a total opportunity to shine. I suppose the same thing can be said about regular work clothes. But I’ve found that Monday through Thursday looks stay more polished and put together and Friday can get a bit lazy. This does not have to be the case! Here I’ve shown another take on what would be a great casual look for a Friday at the office, but also still professional and chic.

Of course, since Fridays are all about jeans, I brought out the jean skirt. A little more interesting than just jeans, and this particular one buttons down the front, which I think makes it such a cool piece. Also, a very on trend piece for this summer and transitioning into fall. I paired the skirt with a cashmere gray camisole that has beautiful lace detailing. Then, to make sure you feel like you’re at the office and not running errands on a Saturday afternoon, I added a patterned blazer. Finish with a pair of tie up heeled sandals, and some delicate black and gold jewelry, and you’re ready to go. The base of this look, the skirt and the top, are neutrals, which is why I’ve allowed the blazer to be the loud statement piece. It pulls the outfit together.

It’s important to be reminded that Fridays should be a reason to channel your style creativity and mix casual with more professional pieces, such as a jean skirt with a blazer. The outcome is a unique version of professional cool, and an awesome Casual Friday look will lead you straight to happy hour and weekend freedom.


Blues and Grays


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top, Cami & Cardigan- White House Black Market, Skirt- Zara, Shoes- Alex & Alex, Watch- Michael Kors, Necklace- Tiffany’s, Sunglasses- Michael Kors, Earrings- LouLou

I feel as though this look is so simple and soft, just a great mix of feminine details and minimalism. The powder blue skirt is a true staple in my closet. I did not expect to get as much wear out of it as I do, but I find that I can make it work with almost anything. It’s becoming a great non-neutral, neutral. I paired the skirt with a gray cashmere cami, cardigan set. Styling these together is a sure win, but I’ve worn each piece separately as well. I love when you can have a pre-set look, but also creative license for many variations. The beautiful lace details on the top of the both the cami and the cardigan are very feminine and provide the interest for this look.

These shoes are Alex & Alex, which is a brand exclusively sold on Gilt. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post (link to post), I cannot rave enough about this app. Such awesome designers at even more awesome prices. I love finding my next statement piece or a new classic at Gilt. These sandals have been really great to me this summer. They’re black, as most of my everyday shoes tend to be, with studs on the straps. I love the studs! They add such a luxe edge to a pair of shoes that are so easy to just slip on and wear all day. I also want to mention that they are extremely comfortable.

Sometimes an outfit doesn’t have to go all out to be amazing. You just need some quality, classic pieces and a little detail to create a look that’s totally chic. I wore this to my office job, but could see myself wearing this out to lunch or just running errands.

Until next time!