Printed sheath dress for the office

Printed sheath dress for the office

Photography: Greg Beuning

 Wearing: Calvin Klein dress (couldn’t find the exact one since it’s a couple seasons old, but Calvin Klein has some gorgeous options at Macy’s) , Schutz Shoes sandals, Michael Kors Sunglasses

This will be a quick post, but I just wanted to share a really great work dress I recently rediscovered in my closet. I am a big fan of this curve-hugging shape, and absolutely love the print details.

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Instagram Outfit Roundup

Photography: Greg Beuning

I’ve decided to do an Instagram outfit roundup, and gather a bunch of the outfit of the day shots I’ve been sharing and compile a sort of lookbook for you guys. I’m not going to link all the pieces (since that would take a long while), but I’ll point out some favorites and discuss them a bit.

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Fur vest + color


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Vest- Tart Collections, Sweater- Loft, Jeans- DL1961 Denim, Shoes- Schutz Shoes, Bag- Zac Posen

Let’s talk about this white fur vest. Usually reserved for the winter seasons, you wouldn’t think to break it out for Spring. But why not? They’re absolutely perfect for this transitional weather!

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WIW: high-waisted jeans, lace-trim sweater, and a hat


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing- Sweater- INC International , Jeans- Free People, Coat- INC International, Boots- The Frye Company, Bag- Zac Posen, Hat- Vintage

A hat is always a good idea! And I feel like we never give hats the attention they deserve. I always want to wear one, but somehow never do it enough. I’ve had this one for a long time, but am really looking to expand my collection. Anyone have any good hats they recommend? I’m really liking this one with a wider brim, and this one is just adorable.

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A little mid-week workwear inspiration


Photography: Greg Beuning

 Wearing: Coat: LavRore, Top: INC International, Skirt: White House Black Market, Boots: Via Spiga, Sunglasses: Michael Kors, Necklace: Loft

I love a pencil skirt that’s more than just boring black, and this one does not disappoint. It’s actually layered, giving your booty some extra volume. I paired it with a green button down. It gives a bit of oomph to your everyday buttondowns. Actually this whole look does. And I think that’s the point. Workwear can be fun, while still being, well, workwear.

I mixed and matched a striped skirt with a green button down and a red bib necklace. I also topped off the look with this incredible shearling coat. It is so warm and I usually don’t go for browns, but such a rich color. The material is buttery soft. The entire feel is very luxurious. I feel as if I just threw on a bunch of my current favorites together, and made it work. The key is classic cut and fit. Without all the color and pattern, this would be a much more traditional outfit. But I’m obviously not one for traditional.

This look was perfect for the middle of the week to wake up the styling senses a bit and add a pinch of variety to the everyday office attire. It can also transition easily to an after hours networking event or just a drink with close friends.

On Friday I’ll be sharing an outfit I wore last weekend (when it was basically summer!) and talking about how to elevate your (almost) spring weekend look to the next, chicer, level.


Playing with Textures


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- Zara, Skirt- Zara, Blazer- Unknown , Boots- Via Spiga, Watch- Michael Kors

Workwear in the fall is an opportunity to mix textures, layer sweaters and blazers, and have a lot of fun not sweating in something more covered up. I love the dark colors of this look, but how the different types of material are what add the interest. I started with my dark blue cropped turtleneck (which was tastefully tucked into the skirt for the office). I’ve been waiting to wear this for a while now because it’s the perfect transitional piece. The high cut makes it fall weather appropriate, but the fact that it’s sleeveless and cropped keeps you from overheating. In Washington D.C, clothing that can be versatile of all sorts of weather conditions is important since often it’s unpredictable and tends to change throughout the day.

I styled the top with my faux black leather pencil skirt from Zara. Even though the leather makes it a bit of a standout piece, I’ve actually been able to make this work as a neutral basic on so many occasions. The longer length makes it easily appropriate for the office, while still maintaining edge, and seamlessly transitioning to an outing in the evening hours. To finish off, I added a pinstriped blazer that nicely compliments the subtle pinstripe of the turtleneck. I’ve been really into rolling up the sleeves to give it that cuffed look. It allows so much more opportunity to show off jewelry.

These suede booties with gold side detailing pull everything together and absolutely scream fall. I am so obsessed with them; I’m sure I will be styling them all season long. There is nothing more versatile than a great black boot, short enough to wear with both jeans and skirts, in casual and more formal settings. They are the perfect go-with-everything piece. I could have paired a pair of black pumps with this particular boot, but I went with boot because it adds just that little bit of extra, which elevates the edge and personality of the outfit. Also, it really brings the whole look into the fall season.

Mixing textures, in this case leather, wool, and suede, is a great way to style outfits for the upcoming months. Keep in mind, that it’s important to maintain consistency in tone and color family, so as to not appear haphazard. When done right, this is such a fun way to make the workweek wardrobe tons more interesting!


On Trend


Photography: Greg Beuning 

I’ve featured these pants before, but because they’re such a great, interesting piece, I want to talk about another idea in how to style them. Printed pants, at least my printed pants, get a lot of use. They do all the work on their own, so I usually mute the rest of the outfit. It’s wonderful on days I just want to slip something on and go, and still showcase some edginess and playfulness. This time around, the pants still remained the focus of the look, but I added a lot of other details to take everything up a notch and encourage some risk taking.

I styled a black sweater with cutouts and bell sleeves (over a black cami since I was headed to work and see-through would have probably been frowned upon) to go with the pants. Cutouts, lace detailing, and bell sleeves are all very in right now, which is funny because I’ve actually had this top for quite a while. Just shows that trends rotate. Two trends together can seem bold, but I believe because there was only one colored piece, the rest of the statement was subtler. And though this is definitely a more eccentric outfit, it doesn’t go over the top. For shoes, because it was warmer that day, I chose my gold mules. Another trend, but I think they really work here. I kept all other accessories super simple, just my watch and a pair of classic sunnies.

Sometimes it’s tons of fun to take risks and be a walking trend. But of course, it’s not that fun looking like a crazy. So my advice is to stick to one loud piece and pair with smaller trends, like a detailing on the sleeve or the cut of the shoe. And, also it’s important to note that this can’t be worn just anywhere. I happened to wear this to work the other week, but it was a bold move, so if you’re just starting to experimenting with incorporating trendier pieces, I recommend this look for drinks with a close girlfriend or a casual coffee date. But don’t be afraid to do it in general. Rules are meant to be broken and style is meant to be played with. So go out there and have some fun with trends!


Rainy Day Wear



Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- BCBGMaxazaria, Pants- Max Jeans, Shoes- Cooeli

Though fall in Washington D.C is usually beautiful, sometimes you get the occasional rainy day. I don’t like to dress up too much on days like these, since I don’t want to ruin anything and I want the most hassle free commute and day possible.

I styled one of my most comfortable long sleeve shirts, a very soft, gray top from BCBGMaxazaria. It’s very basic, and is great for layering in the colder months. I love that the neckline is square, it gives it just that little bit of edge and interest through detail. The fit is nice and loose, giving lots of room to move. Keeping the look simple, I paired the top with black jeans, with just a bit of zipper detailing at the ankle. I say it’s always important to own basics in your closet because they form the foundation of your wardrobe, and these two pieces are a must. A solid colored long sleeved shirt will go a long way in, from layering to tucking into skirts. And no one can go wrong with a pair of black jeans. They literally match everything and you can dress them up or down.

Really, though, I want to talk about the rain boots. I do not recommend rain boots for every day wear. In fact, I sort of hate people who think wearing them on a non rainy day is appropriate. But when the time comes, they can really make the outfit. I went with a short pair featuring a splattered camo pattern. They are definitely the stand out piece! Usually, I wouldn’t wear something like this, because camo isn’t really my style, but I actually thought they fit perfectly with this otherwise monotone look. I just added one of my favorite long necklaces and let my hair down in long loose waves to finish it off.

Don’t be afraid to wear that one thing in your closet that you’re a little unsure about based on the pattern or texture. For me, I always make sure that the rest of the look is very simple, to let that one piece do all the talking.


Printed Sweater, Velvet Boots


Photography: Oksana Berman

Wearing: Top- Michael Kors, Jeans-DL1961, Boots- Jessica Simpson,

Last weekend I visited my parents back in Minnesota, and while it’s still warm here in Washington D.C, in MN it’s definitely sweater weather. I brought my dog Jorge with me, which was of course loads of fun on the airplane (his little crate was so cramped, poor guy). But he was a trooper and he had the best weekend running around and playing ball in huge dog parks. My parents enjoyed having him there too :).

I wanted to stay warm and comfortable for all the outdoor activities, but still look stylish. I also didn’t want too many layers because even though the air was brisk, we stayed really active. And there’s nothing worse than having to carry your coat around everywhere. So I settled on this fuzzy Michael Kors sweater that my mom got me for my birthday last year. It’s so funky and definitely speaks for itself. The back is simple, just black, but the front is a white and blue leopard print panel that makes a statement. And I like making a statement with my clothes. Without going over the top, of course. This is why I love this sweater. The cut is very basic and extremely flattering, and the print is concentrated in just one area. I paired the sweater with my new dark wash skinny jeans. I’ve been on the hunt for a classic pair of jeans for some time now and am so glad I found these. They hug my body in all the right places and go with everything. Already, I’ve worn them for both work and play, and I plan on keeping these in rotation for quite a while.

Now while most people would aim to keep the shoes simple for this outfit because of the loudness of the sweater, I went with a different approach. I don’t think there is anything wrong with finishing off with some fun shoes, even if the rest of the look already has a lot of personality. The key here was to keep the style of the boot classic. These boots are a standard length with a chunky heel, pretty typical of fall boots, but the purple velvet just adds so much edge. I’m absolutely in love. And because the shoes and the sweater are in the same dark color family, they didn’t clash with one another. Instead they provided uniqueness from top to bottom, with some jeans in the middle to keep the whole outfit grounded.

I was so comfortable running around in this look. The heel on the boot totally didn’t bother me, and I encourage those who are scared of living life in heels to try a chunky one, as it adds more support and is great practice for the more advanced stages of heel wearing. Easy separates can always create a chic, effortless look, but when you add your own twist to show off some personality, that’s when the fashion really becomes yours to own.


Sweater Weather


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Dress- Zara, Sweater- Free People, Shoes- Coach, Watch- Michael Kors

I’m all about sweaters for fall and when I find a perfect one, I will absolutely wear it to death until every combination in my closet has been attempted, really maximizing its utility. This particular one, I actually found sort of by accident, though I had been looking for a long oversized throw for a long time.  There I am at Bloomingdales, and in the very last corner, there’s a Free People sale, and on one of the very last racks, there’s this sweater, and in my size. It was meant to be.

Free People actually makes really nice casual clothing. They’re vibe is very boho and carefree, which forces me to take some risks with my clothing, which I really like. All their details are a bit lacy, a bit see through, a bit just threw this on without thinking about it, but still look fabulous. I highly recommend testing them out for your next girl’s brunch or date.

I paired this white sweater with a red dress and love the contrast in colors. Both hues are applicable for fall, and this look is a great transition for that weather right in between hot at cold. The dress, which is from Zara and has cool lining and cut details, makes me reminisce of summer, but throwing on the sweater keeps it current and fall ready. Since I was headed to the office, I slipped on a pair of classic black heels from Coach and my Michael Kors watch, and viola! I think that this is a little unexpected for the office, while still being appropriate, which is a great way to break up the sometimes monotonous pattern of pencil skirts and blazers for work.

I can’t wait to incorporate this piece for the fall season and well into the winter months. It’s awesome for layering, has a wonderful soft white color, acts as a neutral, and is so versatile. What more can you ask for!