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Summer to fall transitional outfit idea + elephants

Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Rachel Roy dress, Guess Boots (similar), Michael Kors sunglasses, INC jacket (old) – but loving this one

outfit idea

Fall is here! Of course it’s 90 degrees today and still feels like the dead of August, but I have hope that the weather will turn soon. I have too many plans to go apple picking, fall foliaging, and pumpkin scouting for it not to.

So what do you wear when it’s kind of fall, but not? I mean you know cooler in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and cooler again at night? You definitely want to layer, and I’ve got a great transitional outfit idea for you.

outfit idea outfit idea outfit idea outfit idea

This dress is just so cute. It’s got a subtle elephant print, and I love that the print isn’t so in your face that immediately people are like elephants!, but more like the person who’s been standing next to you for a moment will exclaim,  you’ve got elephants on your dress! Why yes, yes I do. I also love that the dress is white because that stupid no white after Labor Day rule is well, stupid. You’ve still got an amazing tan, why wouldn’t you continue to show it off with a white dress?

outfit idea outfit idea outfit idea outfit idea outfit idea

But I digress. Here’s what you need for the perfect summer to fall look. A really cute dress like this one with some flow and feminine details, boots, and a lightweight jacket. And that’s really it. When it gets too warm take the jacket off. The boots keep things current, and the dress allows you to reuse and repurpose summer pieces to create new outfits. I’m linking some of my current favorite summer to fall dresses here, here, and here. And I’m absolutely lusting over these boots that will go perfectly with any of the linked dresses.

outfit idea outfit idea outfit idea

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week! It’s the last week of September, so make it a good one.


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