How to recreate my five minute makeup routine in well, five minutes


I’m excited to publish my first beauty blog post. I can’t say I’m an expert on the topic, which is why I’ve been reluctant to write about it, but I’m also on the journey of learning everything I can about beauty, skincare, makeup, hair, and so on, and I figured you could follow along with me. 

What I do have down is my five minute make-up routine. I (like many of you, I presume) have to go to the same place every weekday morning and I don’t want to take too much time doing my makeup. So I’ve perfected a quick routine that I know looks good without getting too complex.

Make sure to wash your face and apply your creams before applying makeup. Assuming your skincare routine is complete, let’s begin!

Step 1:

I always start with eyeshadow. Though I love a diverse shadow palette, for my everyday routine, I usually stick with the browns. This Dior eyeshadow palette has served me well. I can transport it easily (which is key for me, because I’m on the go a lot) because of its compact size, and it’s got all the colors I need. I start with a lighter brown and apply to the full area of the lid. Then I add the darker brown to the outside crease of the lids, and blend with the brush, to achieve a natural progression from dark to light as you move from the outside to the inside of the lid.

Sometimes I will add a very light, almost highlighter color to the inside crease of my eye for a brighter effect.

I recommend shades of brown for a natural everyday look. It’s a neutral, flattering on almost any eye, and available on most palettes. Besides the Dior, I’m also loving this and this one.


Step 2:

Step two is eyeliner. I prefer liquid liner, as it comes on smoother and creates a more precise line. I tend to use only black, but I do have other colors in my collection for something special. Currently I’ve been using this Wet N’ Wild liner, but also love the Sephora brand. I apply the liner in a thin line to the top of my lid, right above my lashes, and also in a thin line underneath my eye (right underneath my lower lashes). For a more dramatic look (If I have an important meeting or lunch or am just in the mood to put in a little bit more effort), I create a quick cat eye by extending the line underneath my eye at an angle.

If you don’t like liquid liner (though I highly recommend watching a tutorial, it will completely change your makeup game), I like this and this option.


Step 3:

Next is mascara. I like to experiment with mascara and try different kinds of wands. Most beauty stores will be able to give you a free sample, which is a great way to test a lot of products and figure out which look you like best. Currently my favorite mascaras include this Chanel one and this Bobbi Brown one. I’ve also been using this Wet N’ Wild mega length wand.

I apply two to three layers because I really love a full look.

As a half step, I usually take a moment here to clean up any excess from the eyeliner an mascara with a Q-tip.


Step 4:

In the past couple years, I’ve really loved using a creamy blush, rather than powder. I just feel it can be a little easier to apply to the skin, and doesn’t require a brush. I use this makeup stick (the color is peach bums, which I think adds a softer touch) and apply a small pink circle right in the apple of my cheek. I then use my finger to blend up, along the line of my cheekbone.


Step 5:

The last step is lipstick. This is actually three steps in one, as I apply several layers. I start with a good chapstick (and I would highly recommend keeping one near you at all times, especially in the winter). Next is the lipstick itself. This is the part where I tend to change it up the most. My go to is a bold red lip, and I’m loving this and this one, but I also like this darker shade for more drama, and this pink for a feminine vibe. I finish off with swipe of lip gloss, usually in a very light pink to add some shine.


There it is, five steps in five minutes. I hope this was helpful, especially if you’re trying to stick to a time limit and keep things efficient. I say stick to the basics and leave all the complicated techniques for the evening or weekends. I also use mostly affordable products, so you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve this look. Though I fully believe in investing in quality products, I think during the learning process, you want to make sure you know what you like and what works for you. And that means not being forced to keep using a product that you don’t like just because you shelled out money for it. It’s also why, again, I’m a huge proponent of samples!

Let me know what tips and tricks you use for a morning makeup routine in the comments below! Like I mentioned earlier, I’m still learning and exploring the realm of beauty, makeup, skincare, the whole bit, so any insight is greatly appreciated.


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