On Trend


Photography: Greg Beuning 

I’ve featured these pants before, but because they’re such a great, interesting piece, I want to talk about another idea in how to style them. Printed pants, at least my printed pants, get a lot of use. They do all the work on their own, so I usually mute the rest of the outfit. It’s wonderful on days I just want to slip something on and go, and still showcase some edginess and playfulness. This time around, the pants still remained the focus of the look, but I added a lot of other details to take everything up a notch and encourage some risk taking.

I styled a black sweater with cutouts and bell sleeves (over a black cami since I was headed to work and see-through would have probably been frowned upon) to go with the pants. Cutouts, lace detailing, and bell sleeves are all very in right now, which is funny because I’ve actually had this top for quite a while. Just shows that trends rotate. Two trends together can seem bold, but I believe because there was only one colored piece, the rest of the statement was subtler. And though this is definitely a more eccentric outfit, it doesn’t go over the top. For shoes, because it was warmer that day, I chose my gold mules. Another trend, but I think they really work here. I kept all other accessories super simple, just my watch and a pair of classic sunnies.

Sometimes it’s tons of fun to take risks and be a walking trend. But of course, it’s not that fun looking like a crazy. So my advice is to stick to one loud piece and pair with smaller trends, like a detailing on the sleeve or the cut of the shoe. And, also it’s important to note that this can’t be worn just anywhere. I happened to wear this to work the other week, but it was a bold move, so if you’re just starting to experimenting with incorporating trendier pieces, I recommend this look for drinks with a close girlfriend or a casual coffee date. But don’t be afraid to do it in general. Rules are meant to be broken and style is meant to be played with. So go out there and have some fun with trends!