Nature Queen haircare will give you the healthy, shiny hair you’ve always wanted

Nature Queen

Don’t you love when your hair feels soft, shiny, and smells amazing? I literally love catching a whiff of good smelling hair, and then realizing it’s my own. Best feeling! Recently I tried a new to me shampoo brand, Nature Queen. A big thank you to Nature Queen for sending me both the shampoo and conditioner to try, I loved using them! Read on to find out why. 

Nature Queen shampoo and conditioner are herbal and full of natural ingredients. Their story started with a chemist who was suffering from postpartum hair loss, and after trying many products that didn’t work, finally came across an ancient herbal recipe that noticeably reduced her hair loss, but also made her hair much healthier and stronger. So she created a product with the “perfect formulas that utilize ancient hair care remedies bottled up for convenience to accommodate the modern woman.” I tend to look for hair products that won’t be too harsh on my hair, reduce frizz, and maximize softness, and this product does just that. It also smells like the most refreshing herbal mint. Perfect for those crisp fall hair days. 

Nature Queen Nature Queen

The company is based in San Francisco and promote natural beauty, which I just love. You should never be using toxic products, it’ll show. No matter how much they promise to cover something up, most likely it won’t in the long run. 

You can check out more information on their story, the brand, and the full product line on their site here

Nature Queen

I’ve definitely made Nature Queen a part of my regular hair care routine, and I feel really good about what I’m putting in my hair every time. And you just can’t beat a feeling like that.