Marinated Salmon with Feta Salad

Plated DishFeta SaladSalmon

Though I’ve never been much of a cook, recently I’ve warmed up to the idea of cooking my own meals, especially when the recipe is easy, healthy and delicious! Every on-the-go woman needs some trusted recipes for dinner and I hope I can provide just that.

My parents were in town a couple weeks ago and were total master chefs in our kitchen! Kudos to my dad for the lemon-marinated salmon, and my mom for the feta and veggie salad. They inspired me to try and make it my own!

This recipe calls for the following:

To cook the Salmon:

  • Salmon (Make sure you get the fresh pieces. Your body will thank you.)
  • Marinade: I used sesame oil, lemon juice, black pepper, and garlic, but you can go with any sort of seasoning you like that will give it the savory flavor it needs

To make the Salad:

  • Arugula (I like to use arugula or kale, but really feel free to use whichever kind of greens you think taste best)
  • Feta (definitely crumbled, and I prefer the garlic flavored kind)
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Sesame oil
  • Black pepper 


  • Make the marinade in a pan or bowl big enough to soak the salmon in. Mix everything together to taste. Coat the entire salmon fillet and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
  • After it’s done marinating, heat a small amount of cooking oil in a pan on medium to low heat and let the salmon cook until it is soft and flaky.
  • While the salmon is cooking, prepare the salad. Small dice and toss all ingredients in a large bowl. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle in pepper. Toss again.
  • Once the salmon is ready, and garnish with parsley (totally optional on this one).  
  • Plate your dish with a piece of salmon and serving of salad

You’re done! How easy was that?

The best part is that you can make this recipe totally your own. Bake the salmon instead of cooking it. Add different combinations of veggies to the salad. Make it spicy. It’s up to you.

I love when eating healthy is this easy and this good 🙂