Last minute 4th of July outfit idea


Last minute 4th of July outfit idea

Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: T-shirt- Urban Outfitters (sold out but similar here),  Shorts- Current/Elliot, Shoes- Sam Edelman, BagSteve Madden

So it’s July 3rd and you’re sitting there the night before the barbeque or the rooftop party or whatever other gathering you may have to celebrate our nation’s birth, and you’re like shit, what should I wear to said gathering? Well, fear not, because I have an easy, stylish, no fuss idea for you.

The key to last minute outfits is to stick to the classics already in your closet. Pull out that white tee and those jean shorts, and I’ll show you how to go from already been done to next level cool. My white tee is from Urban Outfitters and I like it for the loose cut, the cute little pocket, and the fact that I can truly pair it with just about anything. The shorts I’m sporting are Current/Elliott, and I discussed my love for them in this post, but to recap they are effortless perfection. The fit is looser, so great for a more casual look, and the bowtie is adorable without being over the top.

Now you have a foundation, but how do you go from foundation to outfit? My answer is accessories. For the 4th of July, I’m going with layers of red necklaces, a speck of blue in my earrings, and my absolutely-go-everywhere-with sunnies. And just for that added touch of texture, I added these black velvet slip-ons from Sam Edelman. We of course need to pause for a moment and discuss. Have more comfortable, yet still stylish shoes ever been made? There’s so many ugly comfortable shoes out there, but when you find a pair that completes your look like these do, hold on tight. I’m especially tickled by the velvet, which is a current mini obsession of mine.

We shot these pictures against the heart mural in Union Market, and though this has nothing to do with 4th of July directly, I want to quickly make a plug for checking this place out this summer (or really anytime of the year). It’s essentially a large indoor market place (although there are some outdoor vendors as well) in a locale which clearly used to be a warehouse. But now it has that white brick, Jo from Fixer Upper designed it, kind of feel, fully stocked with a variety of amazing food and drink. We had pizza at Brickell, tried wine at the cutest wine shop near the back, paroozed around Salt & Sundry for dreamy home decor inspo, and had a truly glorious acai bowl topped with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and granola. Side note: acai bowls are probably some of my favorite things to eat in the world, and absolutely no one makes them like they do in Brazil. That being said, when I’m able to find acai in D.C. I just can’t contain my excitement. Or my appetite. And of course, this wall gives me all the blogger feels.

To go back, there’s really nothing more American than a white tee and jean shorts, so why not wear them on the day you’re celebrating America. I plan to celebrate by continuing to move our stuff to the new apartment (yes, we moved! – lots of details on my Insta Stories, which can be accessed through my Instagram here), spend time with my family (so excited they’re here! And helping!), and catch the fireworks.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July!


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      Thank you, Kate! They were a gift from my boyfriend and I die from happiness every time I wear them 🙂

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