Las Vegas Round-Up


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: 1st look: Top- Urban Outfitters, Skirt- Loft, Sandals- Sam Edelman, Bag- Kate Spade

2nd look: Top: Material Girl, Skirt- Forever 21, Shoes- Circa, Bag- Victoria’s Secret

At the end of September, Greg and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun and we got to see several shows (one of them Cirque de Soleil), gamble, eat at some fabulous restaurants, and drink frozen margaritas out of giant tube containers. I definitely needed to detox the week after.

Because it was just the weekend trip, and I wanted to travel as light as possible, I really stuck to basics with my style. The uniform was a jean skirt and a black top, paired with sandals. I wanted to be comfortable since we walked a lot. And I do mean a lot. From one end of the strip and back. Several times. The key though, is that if you have a few classic pieces you know go with everything, then you can relax and not worry about your clothes. That’s what I think I accomplished that weekend. The dressing was easy and I could focus on all the fun activities we were doing.

For night time, I chose again, some easy pieces that would speak for themselves. I went with a purple, leopard print patterned dress from Material Girl. I’ve had this for years and love that I’ve been able to style it up and down and for multiple occasions. This time around, I actually paired a black skirt, with some detailing on the bottom, over the dress to break up the boldness a bit and keep the whole look more basic and classic. I think a piece like this has a lot of loud details, from the print, to the low cut, to the sleeves. Therefore, toning it down a bit, made the whole ensemble more accessible to walking around and sitting in shows. It created a more casual vibe, which is what I was going for.

Moving to the shows, we saw Cirque de Soleil’s Zumanity, which I highly recommend. It’s an adult show (topless and lots of sexual references), so be cautious who you go with, but for couples it’s absolutely fantastic. The cast was talented, doing acrobatics, dance moves, and tricks that were incredibly impressive and difficult. But it was also a very humorous show, from cast members interaction with the audience, to the jokes on stage, to the general relatable demeanor of the main characters. My two favorite scenes (and I don’t want to reveal too much) include a bowl of water and two beautiful women, and a bathtub in which a threesome may or may not occur. I hope that at least has gotten you intrigued. I won’t say too much more.

The hotels of course speak for themselves, as each one has a different theme and are loaded with shopping and restaurants. We spent a lot of time in New York, New York, and even ended up at a club/bar called Coyote Ugly, of course mostly because of the name. The girls danced on the bar and sang along as expected. We also danced to Latin music at another bar in the hotel. Great song selection and the margaritas were just the right amount of strong. Speaking of margaritas, we found that one of the more fun ways to drink on the strip was to buy a large tube-like container of frozen margarita (w/ discounted refills!) and stroll around, taking in the lights and sounds. Some other hotel recommendations is of course The Bellagio for the beautiful architecture, high end shopping, and the fountain show; and The Cosmopolitian, which is one of the newer hotels and features very large replicas of shoes. This is a grab drinks with your girlfriends and fulfill your Sex and the City fantasy kind of place. The décor is very classy with beautiful purple accented lighting and tons of Instagram worthy spots for pictures.

Greg and I really needed a weekend away, and this was such a fun getaway. I kept the fashion to a minimum, while still wearing classic, go-with-everything chic pieces, and really focused on getting that Vegas experience. Here’s to the next trip!