How to style a printed sweater


Photography: Greg Beuning

 Wearing: Sweater- Michael Kors, Skirt- Loft, Boots- Jessica Simpson Collection, Sunglasses- Michael Kors, Bag- Rebecca Minkoff

I’m definitely in a spring vibe right now, because I just bought a ton of pieces for spring, specifically new peep-toes and a beautiful pair of flats. I also got this gorgeous white button down dress that I can’t wait to wear with either shoe. Outfit posts to come!

As you know by now, I love easy basics, but I don’t like to be boring. I got this sweater for my birthday two years ago, and it’s still in great shape. The fit and cut is really high quality, which makes it a classic, However, it’s not every day piece, because as much as I love print, incorporating fuzzy blue leopard can prove challenging. But I love how this is the only focal point this outfit needs. I paired it with my a-line ribbed black skirt, which is just an amazing base for any look. You can style this skirt any which way, and it will work. I got it at Loft but I’m linking a couple cute black skirts here and here.

Though this is a bit of a bold move, I paired the sweater and skirt with my velvet dark blue boots. I am in love with these boots and they have gotten so much wear this winter season (so much in fact that I’m not sure they’ll make it to next year :/). At first I thought they might clash with the print, and was about to pull them off, but as I kept looking at myself in the mirror I was digging the two shades of blue and more. It just adds a little of my personality that makes the outfit totally unique. I am in full support of experimenting with fun shoes, and in boot format, they can serve a really utilitarian purpose and won’t overpower the outfit. I’m linking these fun textured booties, and these swoon-worthy beauties.

I wore this to work the other week when the weather was really nice, but actually this is a great for everyday. And the combination can be altered in so many different ways. Pick a different sweater and shoes and you’ve got a completely new look while keeping the effortlessly chic formula.

Stay tuned for more spring style inspiration and keep up to date on my Instagram, whitesilkblackleather.