How to elevate your office style with three easy pieces

office style

Photography: Greg Beuning

 What I’m wearing: Dress- Calvin Klein (similar), Blazer- Ann Taylor , Shoes- (similar) , Bag – Kate Spade

Let’s talk office style. For those days at the office when you have to look good (which should be everyday, but I get it), you can’t go wrong with a sheath dress, a tailored blazer, and a pair of Mary Jane heels. Here’s my take on office style, and what to wear for an important meeting or a presentation. I think this outfit idea exudes professionalism, but keep things stylish and modern.

The thing about dressing for business in D.C. is that often it tends to be drab. People here like boring suits and that’s all they think office style is. And I just don’t get why, because we can do so much better with the same amount of effort!

office style office style office style

Though this look may seem like a lot, it’s really not. You take the three most fundamental pieces of a working closet, and you jazz them up a bit. The key to office style is to keep the fit classic and play around with the prints.

Let’s start with the dress. It’s my absolute go to for anything important at the office and I’ve written about it before here. I love the paneled style, and that there’s a bit of snake print on the white panel. That detail keeps things interesting, but the colors aren’t too loud. Of course, it fits like a glove (it’s also lined, which is really nice) and makes the booty look amazing. Next time you’re shopping for work dresses, look for sheaths with color, a print, or maybe a fun detail like a flair at the bottom. Think classic with a twist. I love this one with the high neck and the rich floral print (which is very in this fall), and this checkered print with a little flair at the hem.

office style office style office style

Much like the sheath dress, the blazer should be fitted and professional. You can even stick to neutral colors, as this is the piece that pulls the whole outfit together (and also keeps you warm in those freezing offices- I mean really, who controls the temperature?).  I went with a pinstriped blazer in this look, and before you tell me that pinstripes and snake print no matter how subtle don’t go together, stop. They totally can. Again, make sure everything fits well, and don’t make anything too loud. It also helps if the prints are in the same color family; in this case it’s black and white. This one is gorgeous and has the stripes going horizontally for a bit of fun, and I’m totally lusting over this gorgeous navy one with gold buttons.

office style office style

And then there’s the shoes. These are everything. I’ve actually had them forever; my mom gifted them to me, and the brand has faded, so I don’t even know who makes them. But even though they may be older, they are still some of my favorite heels to wear to work. The chunkier heel makes them easier to walk in, and isn’t as traditional of a heel, elevating your office style. Make sure your shoes are flowing with the rest of your look into terms of color palatte. If your base is black, go with a black shoe; if it’s nude, stick with that neutral. These Prada ones are to die for, but I like this more affordable option as well.

office style

I just added my trusty Kate Spade purse and some gold jewelry (gold studs, hoops, and a couple bracelets) to finish off the outfit. My office style is all about elevated classics and creating an unexpected feel to something traditional. Because yes, we do have to be professional, but we can also be playful, and fun, and keep things really chic. The formula is simple- take your basics and add to them, whether that be a print, color, or a flair, sleeve, lace, whatever it may be detail. You’ll be the belle of the office.

office style

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