Favorite Met Gala Looks

My goal in life is to be invited to the Met Gala. It’s just such a gorgeous, creative event, and the fashion is always beyond interesting. With the theme being Comme Des Garcons, you knew to expect the unexpected.

I can’t possibly list all the looks I loved because that would take too long, and there were some looks that were just too….just too for me to make my list (I can write about that later- Katy Perry (among others) looking at you (though good effort in following the theme)).

But here we go:

  1. Blake Lively (and Ryan Reynolds)

Yes, I have an obsession with Blake Lively. I will be the first to admit it. She is for lack of better words, goals. Everything about this dress is just drop dead gorgeous, and my favorite part by far is the dipped-blue mermaid tail. The gold color of the gown is just perfect against her skin, and there’s something about looking like a mermaid that’s so dreamy. Also, how cute is Ryan Reynolds matching bow tie? They definitely know how to coordinate.


2. Kendall Jenner

So I thought about this one a lot. At first I was like, Jesus Christ this cannot actually be what you’re wearing, but then I remembered we’re talking about Kendall Jenner. And you have to respect someone who has a body that can pull this off. She truly stuns in this La Perla dress, and her hair and makeup is glamorous and on point.


3. Rita Ora

I really like the glamour of this gown, the red and blush tones, the bows, the fact that it seems like she’s wearing a ribbon. She rocks this.


4. Priyanka Chopra

This custom made Ralph Lauren trench dress is just cool. It’s unexpected, it’s really bold, and Priyanka looks amazing in it. Her train is out of this world, and when you’re at the Met Gala, isn’t that the point? I love the idea of taking a trench coat and creating this completely avant-garde look.


5. Bella Hadid

I really like this dress. Gigi knows how to make a statement, but I can see myself in a dress like this. I’m totally feeling the structured top and the asymmetrical tulle skirt. The color is beautiful (gold is having a real moment), and she just looks fierce. And I can see how the black stocking could be a little extra, but I am in love with the drama- it fits perfectly with the vibe she’s giving off.


Of course Rihanna killed as well. I will give her credit for following the theme to a t, and slaying it.


What were your favorite looks?


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