Cross hiking off your Fall bucket list


Photography: Oksana Berman

What I’m wearing: Tank- Fabletics (couldn’t find the one I’m wearing, but I love this one with mesh detailing), Leggings- Kenneth Cole, Sports bra- Pink (similar)

 I’ve had such a fabulous time with my mom, and one of my favorite things that we did this past weekend, was go hiking. It wasn’t aggressive or anything like that, I would definitely need more prep time to do like an actual hike, but it was really nice to walk the trail, enjoy nature (especially in the fall- how freaking gorgeous are the trees?!), and take some pictures. Of course, we also wore cute activewear. 

I love fall, I think everyone knows that by now. I don’t care how basic that makes me, but there’s something about the leaves changing, the air getting crisper, and all the sweater, boots, and pumpkin spice lattes that makes my heart warm. One thing that I’m really trying to incorporate this fall that I haven’t in falls past, is being outside more and enjoying nature. So far I’ve gone apple picking, hiking, and next on my list is to visit a vineyard. What should I add to my outdoor fall bucket list?

If you are up for a nice hike, but aren’t looking to flex major athleticism (which I definitely am not), try out Great River Falls National Park. 

hiking hiking

The drive there

The drive is only about 30-40 minutes. You follow basically the same route as the route to go apple picking at Homestead Farms. It’s a great way to unwind on a Sunday afternoon, as the drive is very scenic. I had to stop myself from taking pictures of all the beautiful trees on the side of the highway. There’s actually a couple places off of George Washington Parkway where you can park at a scenic overlook. We didn’t do it this time, but I will be coming back to take pictures. You know because my Instagram feed needs more shots of me with a fall themed backdrop 😊.

hiking hiking

Parking and such

There’s a couple lots you can park your car (for free) once you actually get to the park. One side has some picnic tables, so if you want to make a day of it, you certainly can. We parked at the entrance to the park, and went right ahead. A couple things to note: bathrooms are right in front so go now before you actually venture in, and it’s a trash free zone, but they do offer bags you can grab to put your trash in and then discard later. 

hiking hiking

The actual park and hiking

The park was seriously gorgeous. I can only imagine how stunning the leaves will look in peak foliage season, but even know they were the stunners of the show. The path is easy to follow, and there are several spots that create a clearing so you can look down into the river below. You are actually able to hike your way down to the river and get right up close. The trail itself is very moderate, so don’t get nervous. Just be careful on some of the rocks when you’re climbing up to get a view, as they tend to be the most difficult to climb. 


Bring your dog

Of course, we brought my dog, Jorge! We’re always trying to get him more exercise, especially since we live in an apartment in the middle of the city, and this just seemed the perfect opportunity. He loved it, you could tell by the giant goofy smile on his face. I definitely recommend bringing your dog. 

hiking hiking

What I wore

So what did I wear to such a hike? I’m really into keeping your active wear stylish because that’s what motivates me to actually, you know, stay active. I just got these Kenneth Cole leggings from Spring (they’re still on sale!) and I love the deep red paired with black for that colder weather vibe, and just the cutest sheer cutout right above the knee. That adds just a little bit of sexy. I’ve linked to some similar leggings I’m digging here and here. I paired them with a printed tank and a blue sports bra with criss cross detailing. I am actually obsessed with this bra because it’s sooo comfortable and doesn’t dig in anywhere. And I also love the front detailing. I’m linking a couple more that I really like here and here. As you may have noticed, I incorporate color into my activewear, and I think it’s the really place to play around with color and print, because the happier the better, and again, more motivation to push harder. I’ve had these tennis shoes for a while, and I like the blue laces, but I’m really lusting after a classic pair of Nike sneaks. That will definitely be my next activewear purchase!

hiking hiking hiking

I’m so happy I crossed hiking off my fall bucket list. I’m going to try and get out to this kind of nature more on the weekends, especially since it’s so close. Do you guys have recommendations on good spots to go?