Cloudy Rooftop, Business meets Funk

5-5 Rooftop

Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Skirt- Zara, Shoes- Ivanka Trump, Blazer- Zara

Last couple weeks had been all rain, rain, rain. And then some clouds. Washington D.C is usually to be bursting with sunshine this time of year. But alas. I continue to bring my umbrella everywhere and wait for those glorious warm days to arrive. And I can’t let the dreary weather get me down too much. There’s pictures to take, and outfits to style, and so many interesting places to go this time of year.

 Despite the fog, Greg and I went up to our apartment rooftop one weekday morning and and got some beautiful shots of my Outfit of the Day look with the outline of the U.S Capitol in the background.

I recently bought this faux leather pencil skirt from Zara during one of those Zara shopping trips where you go in looking for one thing to wear tonight and end up leaving with 5 new outfits. But honestly I couldn’t pass up on this skirt. It’s sold out at Zara but I found a similar one here and it’s on major sale! It’s perfect for day, and perfect for night. And the classic black is super functional in all aspects of my life.

For this post, I styled it for day, business meets funk. I love the idea of making the standard unexpected, and making your average work day worth it with an amazing outfit. Where the skirt brings edge, it makes up for in length. I’m also a big supporter of pattern and print mixing, as long as everything makes sense of course. I paired the skirt with a bright flower-printed sleeveless blouse. A similar option can be found here. To top it off I added some funky purple suede heels (similar here) and a Zara fitted blazer.

 All black everything is classic and of course it always works, but (well-placed) color and print are just so much more interesting. I went a little bold with this look, a printed blouse, a colored shoe, and a patterned blazer, but the skirt holds everything together and no color or pattern feels out of place.

If you’re feeling brave and have an amazing outfit that gives work clothes a twist, share your look in the comments or message me directly! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more of my style!


5-5 Rooftop Looking Down5-5 Rooftop w: Blazer

5-5 Rooftop Wearing Blazer