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The business of dressing for business


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Dress- Calvin Klein, Blazer- bought years ago from a little boutique in NYC, Heels- Coach, Watch- Michael Kors

Most of us are hopefully back in the groove of things, getting back to the work flow and our normal schedules.

I wanted to post about a look that would work for a big office meeting or even if you just felt more formal that day. This black sheath dress is my absolute go to for that I-mean-business feeling. It’s form fitting, cut in all the right places and very much office appropriate. Believe it or not, I actually picked this up at TjMaxx. The one in Georgetown has a really great selection of designer pieces at a truly affordable price. I’ve linked to a couple similar ones, here and here.

The rest of the outfit is very simple, with clean lines. I stuck to mostly black, with sheer tights (which are my absolutely musts for winter), and a classic pair of Coach pumps (link). But of course, D.C tends to be too monochromatic a times, so I had to break it up with just a pop of pink on the lapel of my blazer. I also love the shininess of it, and the three-quarter sleeves. The blazer adds that touch of personality, which keeps the look from being too boring. I’ve linked to a similar here that I’m absolutely obsessed with. I highly encourage an investment in a couple interesting blazers, especially if you work at an office or attend business meetings often. They’re so easy to throw on, and help create that instant effortlessly put together vibe.

I appreciate any and all comments! Please let me know what you like, what you don’t like, and if there’s anything you want me to talk about regarding outfits or style advice. Also, don’t forget to check out Instagram for more!


Playing with Textures


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- Zara, Skirt- Zara, Blazer- Unknown , Boots- Via Spiga, Watch- Michael Kors

Workwear in the fall is an opportunity to mix textures, layer sweaters and blazers, and have a lot of fun not sweating in something more covered up. I love the dark colors of this look, but how the different types of material are what add the interest. I started with my dark blue cropped turtleneck (which was tastefully tucked into the skirt for the office). I’ve been waiting to wear this for a while now because it’s the perfect transitional piece. The high cut makes it fall weather appropriate, but the fact that it’s sleeveless and cropped keeps you from overheating. In Washington D.C, clothing that can be versatile of all sorts of weather conditions is important since often it’s unpredictable and tends to change throughout the day.

I styled the top with my faux black leather pencil skirt from Zara. Even though the leather makes it a bit of a standout piece, I’ve actually been able to make this work as a neutral basic on so many occasions. The longer length makes it easily appropriate for the office, while still maintaining edge, and seamlessly transitioning to an outing in the evening hours. To finish off, I added a pinstriped blazer that nicely compliments the subtle pinstripe of the turtleneck. I’ve been really into rolling up the sleeves to give it that cuffed look. It allows so much more opportunity to show off jewelry.

These suede booties with gold side detailing pull everything together and absolutely scream fall. I am so obsessed with them; I’m sure I will be styling them all season long. There is nothing more versatile than a great black boot, short enough to wear with both jeans and skirts, in casual and more formal settings. They are the perfect go-with-everything piece. I could have paired a pair of black pumps with this particular boot, but I went with boot because it adds just that little bit of extra, which elevates the edge and personality of the outfit. Also, it really brings the whole look into the fall season.

Mixing textures, in this case leather, wool, and suede, is a great way to style outfits for the upcoming months. Keep in mind, that it’s important to maintain consistency in tone and color family, so as to not appear haphazard. When done right, this is such a fun way to make the workweek wardrobe tons more interesting!


Accent Colors


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- INC International, Skirt- Zara, Shoes- Gifted, Blazer- Small boutique in NYC (don’t remember the name), Watch- Michael Kors

Let’s talk accent colors. Most of what we wear is black, or neutral, and rightly so. Black is one of the most flattering colors on the body, and makes just about anything look stylish and cool. But sometimes it we fall into the rut of only wearing black and never branching out into interesting territory. Believe me, there are some occasions where all black is very much necessary, but I think we can all agree adding just a little pop of color into our everyday looks will do us all some good, in the fashion department, but also our moods and outlooks. And what better place to add that color than a work outfit?

Office clothes do not have to be drab. In fact, they can be very fun! For this look, I started with a mid-length black pencil skirt. I played with textures here and am wearing one in faux leather. Next I added a blouse with horizontal stripes and blue detailing. On top I slipped on a blazer with a bright pink lapel. For shoes, I picked my new favorite, wear-everywhere, gold mules. I think the key thing to note is that no one color takes over another and the outfit as a whole doesn’t feel like a rainbow. It’s really just small accents of blue, pink, and gold (all colors that also flow well with each other), and that’s what makes it work. Black is still the central theme of the look, but with an added feature (color), it comes alive.

I wore this to my office a couple weeks ago. It’s a very simple outfit to put together, not needing many accessories. I’m a big fan of jewelry, but I think in this case each piece speaks loud enough for itself, from the textures to the colors to the cut. And don’t you just love when it’s so easy?