Accent Colors


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Top- INC International, Skirt- Zara, Shoes- Gifted, Blazer- Small boutique in NYC (don’t remember the name), Watch- Michael Kors

Let’s talk accent colors. Most of what we wear is black, or neutral, and rightly so. Black is one of the most flattering colors on the body, and makes just about anything look stylish and cool. But sometimes it we fall into the rut of only wearing black and never branching out into interesting territory. Believe me, there are some occasions where all black is very much necessary, but I think we can all agree adding just a little pop of color into our everyday looks will do us all some good, in the fashion department, but also our moods and outlooks. And what better place to add that color than a work outfit?

Office clothes do not have to be drab. In fact, they can be very fun! For this look, I started with a mid-length black pencil skirt. I played with textures here and am wearing one in faux leather. Next I added a blouse with horizontal stripes and blue detailing. On top I slipped on a blazer with a bright pink lapel. For shoes, I picked my new favorite, wear-everywhere, gold mules. I think the key thing to note is that no one color takes over another and the outfit as a whole doesn’t feel like a rainbow. It’s really just small accents of blue, pink, and gold (all colors that also flow well with each other), and that’s what makes it work. Black is still the central theme of the look, but with an added feature (color), it comes alive.

I wore this to my office a couple weeks ago. It’s a very simple outfit to put together, not needing many accessories. I’m a big fan of jewelry, but I think in this case each piece speaks loud enough for itself, from the textures to the colors to the cut. And don’t you just love when it’s so easy?