A Little on Basics and Accessories


Photography: Greg Beuning

Wearing: Dress- Loft, Shoes- Soludos, Bag- Kate Spade, Sunglasses- Michael Kors, Headband- Gifted, Necklace- Forever 21, Bracelets- Gifted, Earrings- LouLou

August in Washington D.C is usually a sweltering affair (I’m glad it’s over and it’s the first of September!). I try to find easy pieces that can transition from Saturday morning errands to a much needed afternoon glass of rose. This particular look is one of my favorite summer outfits; it’s so easy to put together, it’s very airy, and looks incredibly chic.

I bought the tank dress on sale at Loft. My office is really close to a Loft, so I’m often examining their display windows as I walk by. Upon seeing an extra 60% off (on top of sale prices!), I couldn’t resist going on in to check it out. Of course the store is known for their professionally appropriated pieces, but what I found, and what my eye was actually drawn to among the selection, was the array of casual wear that they sell. I’m not especially interested in the cookie-cutter pencil skirt (trust me, I will show you much better places to find those), but I am very intrigued by a great casual dress that can be worn anywhere, and jean skirts that have become staples in my closet.

There are a couple of aspects about this dress I want to point out. First, it’s incredibly comfortable. Like slip on, never take off, comfortable. It’s also a functional dress, because for all intents and purposes, it’s quite simple. I love the color, but it’s nothing crazy, which is great because the accessories can do the talking.

For this post, I paired it with a drop necklace, some sparkly bracelets, a geometric Kate Spade bag, black Soludos, and a colorful headband. I think the headband in many ways makes this look stand out. It’s actually a scarf that I repurposed, I tied it around my hair and made a knot in the front. Statement pieces like this bring such a cool dimension to a casual outfit; it never looks like you’re trying too hard, but there’s just something about what you’re wearing that makes people notice. I made sure everything still maintained a nice flow by choosing a piece that had some blue to match the dress.

Of course the best accessory is my dog! He gets so hot during these summer months, so it’s important that we go on short frequent walks to get exercise and playtime. With all this walking and being outside, comfort is key, but (as hopefully demonstrated), comfort should always compliment style, and never replace it.